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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Norman Rockwell

A few weeks ago, NPR did a feature on an unusual reunion and an interview with the youngest attendee, who was 57 years old.  What makes the reunion unusual is that all the attendees were at one time from Stockbridge, MA, and all were subjects either of a photograph taken by Norman Rockwell or had literally sat for one of his more than four-thousand paintings.

Most of us, “of an age” relate to his work through his covers of the Saturday Evening Post but before and during that episode of his life, he did regular monthly cover art for the Boy Scout’s magazine, Boy’s Life.  For his more than fifty years work for that magazine he was awarded the Silver Buffalo.  Other works of note include:

·         Popular Mechanics covers

·         Calendar art, including The Four Seasons

·         The Four Freedoms, two “from” and two “to”

·         A self-portrait to honor his 75th birthday year

·         Several Civil Rights subjects including, Problems We All Face about school integration

Freedom of Speech
·         Apparel, including a tie titled Breaking Home, the original selling for $15.4 million

·         Several film-related projects including one original each in George Lucas’ and Steven Spielberg’s collections

He actually did not begin to use models for his art exclusively until 1943, when a fire destroyed many of his apparel items and forced him to emphasize portrait art.  He did actual portraits of Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, and Johnson as well as a 1969 portrait of Judy Garland.

He was not recognized as a serious artist until relatively late in life, although his influence was vast and across the board.  He died in 1978 at the age of 84.

Problems We All Face
I have a niece who has embarked on an ambitious task; to pint one painting a week, with a Yoga theme.  To date she is on week 33 of year five.  While she might have to pick up the pace to match Rockwell, she might do that as she is expanding her art to include apparel, note cards, stationary, and other items; all Yoga related.  You can check out her site at her web page:   Theresa Hutch is one of eight daughters of my sister-in-law who lives right on Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The variety of the girls, women now, actually, would make for an interesting story.  Theresa is probably the most artistic, but her siblings have demonstrated flair for writing, equestrian therapy, community service, music, mathematics, language, and sales.  There are probably other talents which have escaped me. Certainly a diverse and talented family.

In my next Post, I will share an exhibit that Mary and I attended at the Los Angeles County Museum of art: featuring Guillermo del Toro.  I think you will find it interesting, and I hope you will join me.


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