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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trying to Save the Postal Service

Reading and hearing this week about the drastic steps the Postal Service is taking to save themselves from bankruptcy, I was reminded that for years my wife has been doing all she can to single-handedly save the Service.  For instance she sends birthday cards to about twenty relatives and friends a year and, in spite of my subscription to Blue Mountain, wouldn’t know how to do so electronically.

For my part, I have resisted paying any bills electronically, choosing instead to write checks and stick them in the mail, in spite of the fact that every month or so, one gets buried on my desk and I end up having to pay late fees.

Sending all these bills and cards and the occasional letter or thank you note means we go through a lot of stamps.  The process of choosing those stamps (and sending our request by mail) has become a ritual.

My stamp supply starts the process.  When she runs low she checks my supply to see if I am ready for a new batch.  If not, she raids my supply until I need to order.  Then she brings me the book with the most current issues.  I choose those I want and then she picks hers.  We have been doing this for years, much before the Forever stamps.

The other day I asked her why this stamp selection was a tiered process; why we didn’t hunker down together over a glass of wine and select our stamps.  Her response was that we didn’t have the same choice of stamps and she needs to know if there is overlap between my choices before she made her final decision.  That surprised me enough to ask for an example.

“You pick people. I, on the other hand, am inclined to events.”

I knew she had stamps for birthdays.  “Celebrate!” is the current choice.  And she has “Love”, now in one of its several morphed forms as a floral motif.  And she has a New England scene by Dennis Hopper that just came out.

I have the Pixel series.  Not out of respect for Steve Jobs so much as I think they’re cute and show that I am in touch with my warmer side.  If they don’t, then surely the “Sunday Funnies” collection does.  And I have some  “Legends of Hollywood”, currently featuring Gregory Peck and Katherine Hepburn, in case anyone missed the fact that am an Actor, soon to get a SAG card.  Looking through my stamp drawer I also find Kate Smith, Mark Twain, Ronald Reagan, and Mother Theresa.  Mary will probably raid those when her supply runs low.

About the only stamps I have that are not “people” are those for The Merchant Marine and Go Green.

I read an article not too long ago where the author was using how you loaded your toilet paper on the roll as an indication of personality.  I saw another where your favorite colors determined whether you were extroverted or introverted.  Whether you favor your right or left hand has many indications for your life pattern, including susceptibility to diabetes, according to the W SJ.

So, maybe there is meaning about our differences in what stamps we choose.

I just don’t know what it means.  Do any of you have a clue?

Joan Didion recently came out with a book about her daughter’s death.  That prompted me to think about survivors.  Next posting will take a look at that condition and I’ll cover a very interesting interview she gave.

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