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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OWS and Related Events

I can remember when, as a high school student, my parents tolerated my wearing a Fidel Castro guerilla cap to school, essentially without comment.  I was young, impressionable, and philosophically directed against the two-tiered society of Cuba, where organized crime was prevailing over the needs of the people.  My parents looked beyond my misguided support of half-truths, trusting that time would work its magic and I would turn out to be the conservative supporter they had educated and raised.

I was thinking about that as I followed yet another story about the OWS movement (Occupying Wall Street…and various other world venues).  The movement, and I guess if you have over 900 demonstrations thought the world, 600 in the U.S., it qualifies as a movement, has grown to those numbers in little over a month.

I went to a class in LA this Sunday and the teacher, who has been in the casting world for more than thirty years was talking of going to LA at Christmas time, assuming that Mayor Villaraigosa will fail to control the demonstrations.  Her comment, “What they did in Oakland is criminal!”  Looking at the YouTube coverage, she may be right.

If you have the time, look up OWS in Wikipedia.  For an ongoing event the coverage is current and interesting.  I found it particularly interesting with the demographics (one third are over 35, half are employed fulltime, 13% make over $73,000, some are even in the 1% that they are protesting against.

I remain troubled that they are so vague in their demands.  Proponents say they are intentionally vague so as not to lose support from their diverse factions, choosing instead to gather and demonstrate power, before they choose issues to change.  In a survey only 4% professed that they wanted a “radical redistribution of wealth.”

What bothers me is the position of the occupying group that they are entitled to affordable health care, free college education, public employment on a level of the WPA and CCC programs that brought us out of Recession and alternative energy in a green environment.  Although these are all lofty and worthwhile goals, reality seems to indicate they are unattainable without unacceptable revisions in our society.
Crapping on Car

Bill Whittle speaking on Afterburner makes a great point in a clip entitled 3 ½Days.  His point is that the movement started by people who have never know want, and have no appreciation for how food gets on their table, or water gets purified, or how their iPads, iPods, DS games,  get to the stores they buy them from.  Others have similar positions, feeling taking a crap on a police car is not meaningful protestation.

Today my wife did extra duty in putting out our recyclables and trash.  She put out our son’s too, from the house across the street.  It seems not to get placed at the curb unless Sean does it: this in spite of the fact that he has three children living in the house, ranging in age from six to twenty-one.

My grandchildren seem to take little responsibility for what goes on around them.  I wish I had the same trust that they will assume the philosophy and traits of their Millennial peers that my parents had when I put on my Castro hat.

In my next post I will explain why I think we need a new national Holiday, Daylight Savings Day!

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