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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rolling Stone, Still With Me After All These Years

Most mornings I listen to KCRW from the time it serves as my alarm until The Morning Edition signs off at 9:00 AM. Today I listened a little longer, to Jason Bentley and his show “Morning Becomes Eclectic” which intrigued me even before I chose my Blog name. The teaser was an interview he had with k d lang, one of my favorite singers. She recently issued a new CD, called "Sing It Loud", and I bought an early copy.

The interview was held about a month ago. If you missed it and want to hear it, you could replay it at: .

Ms. lang is no youngster, but her 50 year-old voice is as clear and pure as it was when she struck out from Canada for fame and fortune. She is purported to have a four-octave range, which she demonstrates very impressively in the song "I Confess", which reminds one strikingly of Ray Orbison with whom she recorded some twenty-five years ago. I have another of her collaborative CDs, "A Wonderful World", this one with Tony Bennett, who said “Many singers have a voice, but she has a fortune.”

How I came to buy the most recent CD is interesting. I have always been interested in music and that got me to purchase a subscription to "Rolling Stone" magazine shortly after it debuted in 1967. Ralph J. Gleason, a music critic I was fond of was one of the founding editors, along with Jann Wenner. In the 1970s it got a little political and one of my memories is taking a copy out of my carry-on on a troop flight to Japan in 1971, on the way to Viet Nam. The Marines accompanying me certainly seemed to choice of reading material

Through the years I have enjoyed many articles by the likes of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman, P. J. O’Rourke and Ben Fong-Torres, and built an affinity for other staff like Annie Libovitz. If you saw the movie “Almost Famous” you will remember the almost eerily-familiar casting of the magazine’s staff.

Lately I find I mostly skim through the articles, except for features and the occasional controversial political story, but I do follow the reviews, of television, film, and CDs. That was where I found k d lang. Except for my erroneous memory that she had been part of the Lilith Fair tours, she was just as I remembered: original, with a very impressive style. Oh, Lilith Fair? That was another Canadian, Sarah McLaughlin.

I found myself watching a new television show that I think I’ll write about next Saturday. Have you seen "Game of Thrones"?


  1. I did not realize you were a fan of K D Lang. Isn't she Irish?

  2. To Gutsy: Nope! Canadian. Isn't it amazing how many great women singers are from Canada? Think Joni Mitchell.