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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Then There was YouTube

I was fortunate to be interviewed recently for my new book, “Harnessing a Heritage”. More importantly, the interview was to be taped and played on closed circuit television in a community that includes more than 30,000 people with a mean age (no pun intended) of more than sixty years. Now some of these people have to have grandchildren, right?

And the target audience for my book is readers who have children or grandchildren, since each chapter ends with a “how to” page of how you might use the information presented to improve your children or grandchildren’s sense of their own heritage, which I feel is often lacking. So I was very excited about my interview and more so when they sent me a copy of the tape with my six-minutes of fame on it. But what to do with it?

For one thing, it was jumbled in with three other interviews and my editing skills are a little short of professional. For a second thing, to play it I had to press “play” twice on my DVD player, and I couldn’t figure out how to do that on my computer to download it as a file.

Luckily, I have a friend in the professional side of editing who had access to the correct equipment and more importantly had the experience and background to get through the editing process and make it a 17 MG Flash Video file. It cost me about $100, but that was an investment well worth the time and money because it allowed me to put the video on my website: .

At Kevin’s suggestion I did not load it directly to my website as I had other clips. Instead I loaded it on to YouTube and then posted a link to the YouTube clip on my website. This increased the likelihood that I would get more traffic to the interview. It also allowed the thumbnail of the YouTube presentation to be the link to YouTube. And how hard was it to upload to YouTube? I didn’t even have to ask my grandson.

All I had to do was open a free YouTube account by going to . Once I had an account and signed in I was invited at the top of the screen to upload a file in one of several formats. Size was no problem as I could upload up to 2 GB and time was no constraint because they accept up to 15 minute clips.

So, if you want to see my interview you could go directly to YouTube and type in Dee FitzGerald. There you will see at least three clips. I hope you’ll check them out. And I hope that if you have a clip of your own, you will open an account and join me on the internet.

Next weekend I will share with you the Kafkaesque tale of my connection with the Toll Roads and the DMV. If you think your DMV story is strange, and doesn’t everyone have one? Just wait until you hear mine!

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  1. Just watched your interview on YouTube. Great interview. Now I can tell you are very comfortable in front of the camera. Your acting career has helped I'm sure.