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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Estimates are that more than 100 million people will watch tomorrow’s game. And I will probably miss most of it! Not for lack of interest, since I have strong feelings about Super Bowl XLV. My problem is that for the last eleven years Mary and I have hosted a charity Super Bowl Party for Debussy, a Chapter of The Guilds which support the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center in Orange County.

Last year we raised about $700. Not bad for less than 30 people. We have become very creative in raising money. The largest chunk comes from the entry fee of $25 per person, but we supplement it with the traditional football pool, half of which goes to Debussy. And we have a pool for who scores the first score, and whether it is a field goal or a touchdown, and even who wins the coin toss. Half of all the contests goes in the kitty for The Guilds.

My favorite contest, and the one that costs me the time in watching the game, isn’t a big money winner, but has become increasingly popular over the years. That is the Trivia Game.

Now most of the attendees are, charitably termed middle-aged, and when they started coming to the game they barely knew the rules of football. Imagine then the hard sell that we were going to try to imitate the Trivia Games played at the Sports Bars, with their little black boxes and coded contestant names. But now, we have several teams who repeat year after year. They are given the question and the clock starts to run. Large boards with clues are shown in 30-second intervals with the first two clues designed to identify wrong choices, and the third to identify the correct choice. Scoring is on the honor system as the team can change their answer as the clues assist them and the final time determines points given for a correct answer. Perhaps not surprisingly, we have always had a clear winner. I’ll give you one of this year’s six, since it is on YouTube by Tiki Barber.

1) The Green Bay Packer logo features a large “G”. This stands for:
a) “George” for their revered coach, George Halas
b) Greatness, which the team strives to reach
c) Green Bay
d) Gouda, the local cheese
a) Cheddar Head
b) Bears not Packers
c) Strive for a goal

Answer b) “Greatness”, because Packer equipment manager, George Brasher was looking for inspiration in 1961 and the Packers won the AFL-NFL Championship in 1967.

Not so easy. Right? Only problem is that it only costs $5 a team so Debussy makes about $15 on the contest. And it not only takes a lot of prep time to do the questions, clues and posters, My son and I have to do three of these each half. That’s why I miss a lot of the game.

The highlight of the event is the food. Each couple brings munchies and in the second half we all hit the Chile lines. Mary makes red (beef) and white (chicken) and most people try both. We have two large-screen HD that, more often than not, are synchronized as to sound. The men get their football and the ladies (some of whom are becoming avid football fans, one day a year) can assuage themselves, knowing they are supporting the arts.

Mary and I met at Marquette, so Go Pack! Do you have Super Bowl traditions?

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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but I do not watch it, and am lucky to have an American husband who doesn't care either. We had dinner in Laguna Beach, and it was so wonderful to be without crowds and watch the crescent moon and stars in the sky. Well done on raising money.