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Monday, January 17, 2011

Weird Dreams

Lately I’ve found myself dreaming again. Oh, I guess I never really stopped, but lately my dreams have become for mainstream, which means that they often are of the classic variety: escape dreams, dreams of not being prepared for something, and dreams where there are really frightful occurrences or people. For most of the five years I have been semi-retired and fully relieved of stress, my dreams were of the problem-solving description, finding a solution to a problem I had worried about or finding the place where I had conveniently placed an object I could no longer find. Nice dreams.

When I was in undergraduate school I took several Psychology courses, including one on “Interpretation of Dreams”. I became kind of an amateur Freud and kept a journal of my dreams, ala Carl Jung. I lost no time in applying my new knowledge, freely offering to interpret the dreams of the girls I was dating, being sure to include the primary axiom that dreams are a means to release the frustration of the previous waking period. The operative concept being “release of frustration”.

One of my dreams was so explicit and so detailed that I worked it into a rather poorly written one-act play. As I remember it there was suspense and minor plot development, but the characters were stick figures on a three-dimensional stage. Several of my dreams in college days had deep sexual overtones, a topic that seems to have largely disappeared from current inventory.

My wife says she never dreams, but from all research this is probably unlikely. What is more likely is that she doesn’t remember her dreams. Or, since REM sleep, usually considered to be the time when we most often dream comes when we are about to wake, she may miss her dreams since she is always up at least thirty minutes before I am. Or maybe she has no frustrations to resolve.

Anyway, I have decided not to worry about how much I dream or what I dream about. I’ll continue to be thankful that I often wake in the morning and head towards that lost item, or grab the tool to fix that project, or much more common, head to my computer and that “work-around” I suddenly remember.

How do dreams enter your life or your sleep?

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