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Saturday, January 22, 2011

More about Dreams

Jeff Album, Director of Public and Governmental Affairs for Delta Dental and Vice President of the California Association of Dental Plans, shared with us a dream he had when he realized that he would have to set the keynote tone and make major introductions at the CADP Annual Legislative Conference. “I dreamed that I would be introducing Winston Churchill, who had agreed to be our substitute keynote speaker,” he said. Of course when he woke he realized that Sir Winston could not do that because he, like the CADP President also was at a different venue. Jeff expressed his disappointment. To which one of the crowd loudly commented, “How do you think we feel?”

Dreams were on my mind because, as is my wont, I watched a movie to pass the time on the flight up to Sacramento. This trip’s DVD was “Inception” the strange new film with Leonardo Dicaprio that stretches our understanding of dream worlds and how our dreams may be “captured” and manipulated. Weird film!

Of course this week also was the celebration of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. And we were treated to several memories of his famous “I Had a Dream” speech, reminding us that dreams can endure and inspire if they capture a common, general concern.

On the topic of Dreams Come True, this week’s mail brought the proof of my book “Harnessing a Heritage” which, when approved set in motion the final publishing of my memoir. You can read more about my book on my website and can purchase at a discount. By the end of next week you can read about it and order at a slightly higher fee from . My goal is to sell 300 copies in six months, but I have absolutely no point of reference to know if that is realistic or not. But I can dream, can’t I?

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  1. I didn't realize you had written a memoir. You should post a synopsis of your book, unless you already have one that I haven't seen on your blog. Congratulations. Going over to the website you mentioned above.