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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Dog in the Fight

When I was in the corporate world I found comfort in being able to take a position that “I don’t have a dog in the fight”, meaning I had no strong position to defend on a controversial issue. I could save my energy. I could avoid making enemies. I could support whomever I wanted.

Now that I am involved in retirement, I find that I choose only issues that I am concerned with, indeed often am passionate about. The problem with that is I always “have a dog in the fight.”

The most recent occurrence of this problem comes from my position with an organization called the American Institute of Wine and Food, AIWF. AIWF was founded shortly after WW II by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi. It was modeled after a French program that tried to re-instill in French school children, knowledge and passion for food. It was well-funded and supported two charities: culinary scholarships and school education about food.

I became interested in the organization by getting involved in the Orange County school Days of Taste Program and some seven years later find myself the Chair of one of the 29 National Chapters. We try to have one event a month to raise money and have one Board Meeting a month to track our progress. I have been Chairman for almost three years.

In the last three months I have had only a total of two Board members make the Board Meeting. While we have had events in October and November they were organized by other than our Chapter members and were not well attended by our members. We are not havig a December event.

Today I realized it is time for Board elections and I have only three candidates willing to serve. My dog is in the fight and it is a pretty weak pup.

Anybody have a suggestion?

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