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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Waiting is the Hard Part

Thursday I finally finished working my way through the edits on the used-to-be 12 chapters of my book, Harnessing a Heritage and wrote the 13th chapter, which was a suggestion of the editor. All in all I am very pleased, because I think it is a much better book. And I learned some things that will help me if I decide to write a second book. Things like making your research blend in with your story rather than be the story.

There was a small disappointment. My first author TV interview was cancelled. Well maybe just postponed. Never got the whole story, but my presumption is that the format for the closed channel cable show was changed, or at least modified without the show’s director having much to say about it.

So, I uploaded my revision to my editor, CreateSpace along with the material for my cover. Had a couple of problems with uploading (.jpg files need to be zipped, but Word documents only need to be consolidated into one file). I called to make sure everything was received in acceptable format (it had) and was told that I would be contacted next week by my interior editor.

Waiting is the hard part even though I have plenty to do on my website: to make it ready for marketing. Any comments from you, if you have done that, would be greatly appreciated (Content display, PayPal, etc.)

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