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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another POV

Friday I went to my local Writers Club and heard a presentation from Lynn Price . Lynn is a commercial publisher and gave several great tips on how to improve your chances of getting your manuscript accepted through each of the three stages of possible rejection. She provides this and more in her book The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box but it is always interesting to hear the story from the author. It is also interesting to meet someone whose blog you have been following.

In her most recent blog she makes an interesting point about how vanity publishing may have a negative effect on commercial publishing. I believe I am correct in paraphrasing that diluting the pool of authors with those who don’t go through the editing process with Editors who have a respect for what the market is looking for, will eventually cause the caliber of books to decline.
My business background included sizeable stints in the Insurance industry where I saw three lines of business in the same companies, competing aggressively with their own business as well as trying to get market share from other companies: commercial health, PPO and HMO managed care. To a large extent the mix of these followed the market for services, but I suppose it also was and could be described as cannibalism, leaching membership from the higher end commercial line. On the other hand I saw the total membership (read readers) grow as health care became more affordable and met the personal needs of more people.
I am presently in Interior Editing of my memoir Harnessing a Heritage and feel I have received excellent assistance in improving my book. It remains to be seen if the vanity publisher I am using will be successful in assisting my marketing efforts, but they are making it possible for me to fulfill a dream.

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