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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working Through the First Professional Edit

Set aside the fact that you spent a year writing it and the editor spent three weeks reviewing it. Set aside the fact that three of the eight page comment centered on a lesson in how to use commas and semicolons. Concentrate then on the five pages; pages that have three major concrete improvements (include fewer of the facts that the reader might know or could find elsewhere and more on facts that describe your friends and your experiences...).

When I did that I was ready to rewrite the 13 Chapters and ready them for resubmission. It gets a little difficult because I had to combine the 13 chapters into one 35,000 word Word document and now I have to parse them back-but it is doable. Biggest problem is keeping the same flow when I go back and add delete some of the text. I figure I have about two weeks before I can submit for interior editing.

Hopefully I can have a book by November 9 when I have my first tv interview.

Is my experience helpful?

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