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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sometimes You Get Side-tracked

I had the best of intentions to get to work on Chapter Three of my edited book this week, but I ran into diversions.

For the most part, I submit for about four auditions a week through LA Casting. Most of the time I don’t hear anything from anyone, but this week I was scheduled for two auditions, which included a featured role in an Acura commercial and background in a reality TV series. Although I went to both, I didn’t get notice of a call-back or a booking.

What I did get was a call to be in a featured film, a sort of dark thriller about weird cabals in the Catholic Church. The working title is "Killer Priests" and the Director has only one film listed on IMDb. He is, however a joy to work with and has scheduled another day for my group of 20 men to work on location. Pay is deferred and only amounts to $50/day, but it is exposure which in this town can often lead to future work.

If you want to follow my theater work (and eventually read some of my book when it is published) you should join me at .

I would be interested if any of you who see this are in the industry. Please post a comment if this is so.

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