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Saturday, October 30, 2010

OMG! Not Another Birthday?

I recently celebrated a birthday and was reflecting on how some things have changed over the years. For instance I got 13 electronic wishes, 11 of them from Facebook friends. Of course I also got many cards, most of them from relatives with one from Southwest Airlines and a smattering from other commercial enterprises.

None from the firm I do consulting for, or even from any of my fellow employees, which is not surprising since my face time at work is extremely limited. But the 11 from Facebook is what got my attention. These are all what I would call close friends, but I probably haven’t seen any of them in months and maybe years. However, they are people I have had closer contact with in times past and, if the greeting are any indication, are friends with whom I share mutual respect.

My wife, Mary sends birthday cards to close to 40 people. Real cards, sent with special birthday stamps. When her birthday comes around she receives more than 25 cards in kind and her display on the mantle of the fireplace wraps around both corners. Mine cuddles protectively in the center and toward the edges. When their display time runs out Mary dutifully collects them so I can have one more look before recycling them to the paper section.

As I complete my reflection, I find that maybe one of the better presents I now treasure from my birthday is seeing how great is the circle of friendship that I now have. Interestingly it has not required that I send greetings to ten of my friends. Life is indeed good.

Feel free to share your comments on whether this experience of mine is unique. BTW my Facebook address is Dee FitzGerald…and they will remind you next year of my birthday.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I agree that receiving a birthday wish is so important, and it feels good, even when it's from FB. Are you enjoying your writing? What are you writing? Fiction, a memoir, or enjoying blogging. Please keep in touch.