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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking the Blog on the road

Wednesday, September 8

Missed my Tuesday deadline as it was a travel day.  Seems to take almost the whole day to get from California to Wisconsin.  Arriving in Milwaukee we had our second "never happened before" air travel moment.  The first was from our Family Vacation to the Grand Canyon and a houseboat on Lake Powell.  The return flight got us successfully from Flagstaff tp Phgoenix where we waited with the crew for a pilot to arrive and fly us into Oramge County.  By the time he/she got there we had missed the curfew in OC and had weather problems.  So, six of us were eventually crowwded into two rooms for 4 hours sleep before our ext day's flight.

This adventure put us in the baggage terminal waiting for the better part of an hour to find out that one of the 14 golfers on our flight had jammed the belt and broke the entire apparatus. 

But I am learning about Blogging from my book Blogging for Dummies and should be ever so much smarter when I get back to California.

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