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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday 09-04-2010

Saturday, September 4 2010

Labor Day weekend and, since my book is out for early edit to friends and family, time to take a breath and relax. Have travel plans for next week which will take me back to Wisconsin and Illinois to visit family while back for my Marquette dental School 50th reunion.

Always wonder when I come back from reunions that no one has really changed. Conversations pick up where they left off five years ago. And then, about two weeks later you get this photograph and wonder, “Who the hell are all those old guys?”

When we get back I’ll upload my book for editing by . Starting to get exciting! Have made several changes since I “finished” the book, but think it is about as ready as it can get and I should get the ball rolling. Will be sharing lessons learned on my Tuesday and Saturday blogs. Am unsure what next Tuesday’s will be since it is a travel day. Maybe by then I will have figured out how to blog on my mobile.

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