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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Sense of Editing

Saturday 09-18-2010

Thursday I started the process of working with my Editor.  Or, better said, working with the liaison to my Editor.  I had previously filled out a form for the liaison to read; what is my book about?  Who s the target audience? What are some potential weaknesses I have in writing? What are some of my specific concerns about the editing process?

So when I got the call from the liaison, it was more a process of establishing a comfort level.  I was able to say that I had freely chosen a style that might not conform to Strunk and White, or in the case of what these editors use: the Chicago School of Style.  I took lots of freedom in punctuation and sentence structure.  Some of this came from a Writer’s Club presentation where we were encouraged to make our sentences and paragraphs “interesting.” Some came from the fact that I write with my ear as much as my eye.

Anyway, the book is on its way to the editor and I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how things fare.

A friend has hired an editor before she goes to publish.  The first person contact and repetitive re-writes she believes are a good investment.  Lots of roads to the end of the journey.

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