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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Are You Doing in Your Spare Time?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Waiting for the Editorial process to run its course, I try to fill my days with meaningful; activity…like playing golf! Actually that’s a bit of a stretch. I had five weekly goals when I left WellPoint five years ago: play tennis one day a week, play golf one day a week, do aerobics twice a week, cook dinner for my wife one night a week (‘cuz I like to cook), and every night before I go to bed I have in my mind at least one thing I was going to do the next day that was meaningful to me.

Nothing about writing a book.

Actually if I hadn’t injured my shoulder a year ago (there goes the tennis) I could feel pretty good about those resolutions. OK, so I’m a few months behind in the aerobics, but the cooking and golf have held up well. As has the “something to do tomorrow” bit.

The reason golf is on my mind is that one of my favorite NPR commentators, Frank Deford, was lamenting the depletion of U.S. interest in golf over the last 10 years. His focus was on the Ryder’s Cup which has been dominated by Europe recently, as have most USPGA tournaments. Ten percent fewer U.S. golfers and an equal loss of courses.

So I applaud my sons who are treating me to a session Friday to celebrate fifty years of marriage. That should take my mind off waiting for my red-lined manuscript.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stem Cells from Baby Teeth

September 25. 2010

I just returned from 4 days in Seattle at the National Association of Dental Plans annual Converge Conference. While the meeting was extremely interesting the most interesting part was lunch with a close friend, Doyle Williams.

Doyle was telling me the details of his three appearances on the Today Show, a feat accomplished because he made it a point to learn about how recent extractions of deciduous (baby) teeth can be a source of Stem cells for research and eventually cures of chronic health problems.

Boston, Doyle’s base of operations, is one of two private banks where teeth are harvested for their pulpal mesenchymal cells and stored until someone in the family DNA has need for them. The most obvious would be for juvenile diabetes and Doyle informed me that research using these stem cells is very promising for creating insulin-producing cells.

I must find out more about this. Wandering through Google today was enlightening, but I’m not there yet. An old friend, Grant Sadler seems to be in the midst of things. I think I’ll look him up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making Sense of Editing

Saturday 09-18-2010

Thursday I started the process of working with my Editor.  Or, better said, working with the liaison to my Editor.  I had previously filled out a form for the liaison to read; what is my book about?  Who s the target audience? What are some potential weaknesses I have in writing? What are some of my specific concerns about the editing process?

So when I got the call from the liaison, it was more a process of establishing a comfort level.  I was able to say that I had freely chosen a style that might not conform to Strunk and White, or in the case of what these editors use: the Chicago School of Style.  I took lots of freedom in punctuation and sentence structure.  Some of this came from a Writer’s Club presentation where we were encouraged to make our sentences and paragraphs “interesting.” Some came from the fact that I write with my ear as much as my eye.

Anyway, the book is on its way to the editor and I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how things fare.

A friend has hired an editor before she goes to publish.  The first person contact and repetitive re-writes she believes are a good investment.  Lots of roads to the end of the journey.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lessons Learned about uploading manuscripts

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today I started the publishing process.  The first thing I learned was that all uploading has to be done with COMBINED documents.  I had thought I might have to change my Word documents into a .pdf file, but that was not the case, at least for editing purposes.  What you have to do is combine each of your Word documents (in my case, chapters) into one Word document.  Oh and BTW the same is true for any graphic content.  All has to be combined into (in this case) a winzip file.

Anyway, after about four tries and a few missteps I think I got everything sent to the publisher.  I had guessed at my length and when it was combined I was spot on.  Imagine!

I was then asked some questions to help the editor make his/her way through my baby.  The nice thing is that I feel there is someone on the other end of the upload process who is paying attention and (hopefully) as the process develops, cares.

Doubt if I’ll have anything on this process to report on Saturday, but being regular is good exercise.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Taking the Blog on the road

Wednesday, September 8

Missed my Tuesday deadline as it was a travel day.  Seems to take almost the whole day to get from California to Wisconsin.  Arriving in Milwaukee we had our second "never happened before" air travel moment.  The first was from our Family Vacation to the Grand Canyon and a houseboat on Lake Powell.  The return flight got us successfully from Flagstaff tp Phgoenix where we waited with the crew for a pilot to arrive and fly us into Oramge County.  By the time he/she got there we had missed the curfew in OC and had weather problems.  So, six of us were eventually crowwded into two rooms for 4 hours sleep before our ext day's flight.

This adventure put us in the baggage terminal waiting for the better part of an hour to find out that one of the 14 golfers on our flight had jammed the belt and broke the entire apparatus. 

But I am learning about Blogging from my book Blogging for Dummies and should be ever so much smarter when I get back to California.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday 09-04-2010

Saturday, September 4 2010

Labor Day weekend and, since my book is out for early edit to friends and family, time to take a breath and relax. Have travel plans for next week which will take me back to Wisconsin and Illinois to visit family while back for my Marquette dental School 50th reunion.

Always wonder when I come back from reunions that no one has really changed. Conversations pick up where they left off five years ago. And then, about two weeks later you get this photograph and wonder, “Who the hell are all those old guys?”

When we get back I’ll upload my book for editing by . Starting to get exciting! Have made several changes since I “finished” the book, but think it is about as ready as it can get and I should get the ball rolling. Will be sharing lessons learned on my Tuesday and Saturday blogs. Am unsure what next Tuesday’s will be since it is a travel day. Maybe by then I will have figured out how to blog on my mobile.